Sunday, 15 February 2015

On Glorifying the Achievement of Winning for Love pointed out that North Korea had released a slew of new patriotic slogans, many of which seemed like something my nonsense-generating program JanusNode might have written. I used JanusNode to statistically mix together (by Markov chaining) Jenny Holzer's aphorisms and the new North Korean slogans (with a few other texts occasionally thrown into the mix) to auto-generate some new patriotic slogans. [Nonsense-generation purists: Note that as well as selecting these texts from a much larger pool, a few small human edits were made, including adding many of the exclamation marks.] See also my previous post on automating Jenny Holzer. Enjoy.
Builders! Let us glorify the achievement of winning for love!
Government is a burden on the idiosyncratic institutions!
Giving free rein to your emotions is an irresistible challenge!
Get rid of studying the enemy!
Sometimes you do crazy things for military hardware!
Moral integrity to volunteer is reactionary torture!
Manual labor can be refreshing method of our everyday life on a high level!
The Party's policies rest on the proclivity of the people to wake up wishing things are never messy!
Selflessness is the lifeline of south Korean warmongers!
Fight death-defyingly for our dear children by increased production!
Let us give full play to death, and technology!
Get rid of abuse of authority and revolution and gunners!
Get rid of abuse of authority and self-centeredness!
Symbols are parasites!
Fear is the best planning!
Love is terror-induced immobilization!
Let us raise a strong wind of stereotypes!
Let us hold fast to the props!
If you have freedom of choice, repetition is a weapon!
Electricity is the triumph of socialist patriotism!
Enrich the life of service personnel and people with credit!
Fight death!
Separatism is the same as admitting defeat!
Stupid people deserve special control!
You can't behave if they think they are important!

Random mating is good to give up if you have ugly consequences!
Knowledge should be as easy as falling off a log!
The Party's revolutions are pointless if no one notices your oldest fears!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

On The Egg As The Sun's Light Refracted Into Life

A fine bit of writing on the humble egg, from the excellent book On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee:
"...modern science has only deepened the egg's aptness as an emblem of creation. The yolk is a stockpile of fuel obtained by the hen from seeds and leaves, which are in turn stockpiles of the sun's radiant energy. The yellow pigments [of the yolk] also come directly from plants, where they protect the chemical machinery of photosynthesis from being overwhelmed by the sun. So the egg does embody the chain of creation, from the development of the chick back through the hen to the plants that fed her, and then to the ultimate source of life's fire, the yellow sphere of the sky. An egg is the sun's light refracted into life." (p. 69; Emphasis added)
[Image: Altered detail from Plate 1 + scanning-artifact hands from John Ellard Gore (1893) The Visible Universe: Chapters on the Origin and Construction of the Heavens]