Monday, 30 December 2013

On Automatically Generating Character Names

One amusing thing that my automated freeware text-generation program JanusNode can do is generate character names, ranging from the mundane to the extraordinarily bizarre. I didn't take advantage of this in my novel The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even but since then I have used JanusNode-generated names in other (as yet unsubmitted) fiction. Here are a few random examples (that you may feel free to use as you wish....):
  • A woman named Gilda "Stunning Chemical" Lumpthoud.
  • A Buddhist named Kristie Humpella Unschooled, Sr.
  • A man named Sung Mouserood.
  • A woman named Saundra Inane Sigmund Freud-Hank.
  • A man named Arthur Pittman-Pup Warm "The Idiotic Dog" Larker.
  • A checkout clerk named Amparo Puntalina Pope.
  • A woman named Norma Burpcoyde.
  • A personal woman named Poetic Goof.
  • A man named Archie MacPeculiar "Rank Acidic-Sole" Murki.
  • A man named Brant Von Moody.
  • A woman named Mari "Grubby Dauber" Cockroachcell.
  • A woman named Kasey Shoe "The Sugar-Free Honey" Von Chowderhead.
  • A ruler named Jodie Goyie Shamauskas.
  • A personnel officer named Luther Zebrajeh.
  • A man named Carmen Freak.
  • A man named Lewis Sikhella Mariana Roofellesity.
  • A concessionaire named Ivory Ingram-Ashley.
  • A woman named Reverend Lucille Turnson Noif, MA.
  • A woman named Fern Insipid Watkins.
  • A installer named Daub-daub Bellie Otternest.
  • A despot named Tenssho Tigerchi
  • A man named Woodrow Spotorda.
  • A cryptographer named Lend Assiassibosk.
  • A woman named Reverend Sparrow Taylor "The Cat-Damned" Pitiful, BSc.
  • A man named Reverend Donald Harter.
  • A man named Miles Rat Bush.
  • A woman named Retesi Oifoifholy.
  • A man named Lustful Greer.
  • A woman named Fey-fey Wayward Elki.
  • A woman named Elva Apollo McHolmes.
  • A domestic named Soto "Fanciful-Eyebrow" Workman.
  • A man named Faoge Guminheot O'Zipperhead.
  • A jolly woman named Esperanza Fencdo.
  • A woman named Greasy Gashson Miller-Blair.
  • An anxious man named Sensual Tiltalina Turding Otter.
[Image is a JanusNodeLOL, as invented by Calum Rodger. I maintain a full collection here.]

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