Wednesday, 25 November 2015

On Some New Holiday Gift Ideas

My wife showed me one of those special Christmas catalogs that we receive at this time of year, listing crazy gift ideas that seem implausibly likely to ever sell. She suggested that JanusNode might be able to come up with some equally good products. I whipped up a quick 'Holiday Gift Idea' generator (to be included with the next release of JanusNode), and append herewith a few examples of the output. 

I gift these ideas to the world at large; feel free to develop them for your own profit.
Husband's Laser Pointer Boxer shorts 
Gourmet Garden Statue, made with real dried shark dung
Programmable Coffin with genuine antique finish
Touch-screen Playable Panties
Two-person Cummerbund-Bra & Knicker Set
Bird-watcher's Flashlight with Secret Soap Dispenser 
Glow-in-the-dark Ball Gown T-shirt with engraved initials 
Wind-up Scarf with battery backup 
Fiber-optic Remote-controlled Jeans/Underwear
Automatic Flying Kipper with silly voice 
Dishwasher-safe Slippers 
Unbreakable Baby's First Laser Pointer 
WiFi-enabled Mustard Dispenser 
Edible Lunch Container 
Japanese Toilet Paper Holder with secret Ferris wheel 
Speaking Bikini/Tracksuit
Crocodile skin USB-powered Socks
Remote-controlled Fish Dispenser
World's Smallest South American Biscuit Dish with engraved initials

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  1. I have a lot of gift ideas in my mind. I wanted to give my mother the best gift I can think of.