Monday, 24 March 2014

On Bear-Breed Spirit Depth

One of the main characters in my novel, Greg, is writing a book based on his master's thesis, called Bear-breed Spirit Depth: Duchamp, semantic multiplicity, and the artistic life.

The first part of his title is an anagram for The Bride Stripped Bare. That's Greg for you.

Greg's book plays no role in my plot, so there is nothing in my book to say what it contains. The thesis is about the bizarre flexibility of meaning. Greg points out that one lesson from Marcel Duchamp's work is that the meaning of objects is not contained only in those objects. Meaning diffuses outward from any thing, from any set of things, to new times, spaces, and concepts. A (copy of a) nearly-worthless (possibly entirely imaginary) typewriter cover in Paris, France one day is a renowned and highly-valued piece of art history in the National Gallery of Canada a few decades later.

Greg edits and writes very slowly. He feels no need to ever finish writing the book. He is happy to spread his delight in working on Bear-Breed Spirit Depth across decades.

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