Saturday, 29 March 2014

On the Final Cover of my Novel

My novel The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even went to press yesterday. Here is the final cover, designed by Michael Kellner. I love the design: it captures the quirky, off-beat feel of the story and pays homage to Duchamp in many different ways.

The excerpt on the back is the following: 
    “It didn’t take me long to make friends with the
    museum guard, a muscular young red-haired Irish
    Bostonian named Bobby Sheridan. He sussed me out on
    my first vigil in front of the ivory carving. After
    I had been sitting in front of it for about an hour
    he came over to ask me if I was OK. I told him I
    was fine, very well actually, except for having a
    minor mental illness. I explained to him that I had
    obsessive compulsive disorder and couldn’t touch
    anything, and also that I didn’t have to work because
    my mother had died and I had inherited some money,
    enough to live for a while on but not really a lot.
    I explained to him that I was planning to spend many
    months in his museum, not touching anything of course
    but mainly just looking at a particular single piece
    of art, namely the carving of Abraham and Isaac that
    was in front of me. And I also let him know that I
    always wore pretty much the same clothes but that I
    changed my clothes and had a shower every day, and
    that I was very careful about cleanliness as part of
    my OCD. I drew his attention to some of the things
    I appreciated so much about the ivory
    carving, especially the ample bosom
    and translucent wings of the
    tiny angel.”

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